Canadian Flag Documentary Film

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We are hoping to raise
$50,000.00 to produce a documentary film covering the details of how our Canadian Maple Leaf Flag became the National Flag of Canada. We have spend more than 15,000 hours researching the historic account dating back to 1895/96.The funds will be used to cover the costs of videographer, production, editing as well as travel and expenses relating to interviewing experts who have provided research information.

This documentary film will capture the work of the “many loving hands” who worked for nearly 100 years to bring a truly unifying symbol of Canada to fruition. This¬† film will bring the most comprehensive, educational and verifiable facts of exactly who and how the most recognized and respected symbol of Canada in the world today was developed. We would need to begin raising funds as soon as possible to sign agreements with the proper professionals.

To date my wife and I have spent our entire life savings over the past 7 years to ensure the proper credit is provided to the individuals and organizations responsible for each and every part of the process it took to bring the National Flag of Canada to fruition in 1964/65.

Having the support of people here on Go Fund Me would mean our effort to bring this part of Canadian History forward for our children and grandchildren to know the names of the Canadians who worked so long and hard for Canada to have a symbol which is now recognized and respected around the world, would be so fulfilling and rewarding to know people really do care.

The Canadian Flag Education Centre would be forever indebted to each and every person who helps to fund this documentary, because without your support we could not possibly complete this project.