NEWS RELEASE: February 8th 2021 For Immediate Release

Canada’s Official Colours/National Flag of Canada

Commemorating the Centennial Anniversary 1921/2021 of Canada’s Official Colours Red and White in a proclamation by King George V.  These official colours which played such a significant role in the creation of the National Flag of Canada begs the question all Canadians should ask.  “Is it an unfair advantage for a political party of Canada to use our red and white colours as their own”?  This question must be answered!!!  Is there a “brand identity” issue which requires some intellectually honest discussion?

February 15th 2021 marks the 56th Anniversary of first time the National Flag of Canada was raised on Parliament Hill.  It took nearly 100 years to bring this amazing symbol of Canada to fruition.  But, on this day, Family Day, Islander Day, Louis Riel Day and Heritage Day will take preference over National Flag of Canada Day.

Why, there is still no “Statutory holiday” to celebrate the most admired and respected symbol of Canada?  All Canadians should have the opportunity to celebrate and unite as a Country to honour a symbol recognized around the entire world with respect and acceptance as the “identity” of Canada.  Surely our Federal Government has an obligation to initiate and promote February 15th each year National Flag of Canada Day as a “Unifying Statutory Holiday”.


Contact: Robert J. Harper
Executive Director
Canadian Flag Education Centre