National Flag of Canada Day

February 15th 2021

We are the leaf, the maple leaf our symbol so dear.
An image of Red and White of which is very clear.
Respect and recognition throughout the globe
Our Flag is our past, our future and our hope,

The “Maple Leaf Forever” is not just a song
It is a Canadian Pledge with power so strong
We are so subtle in pride and our thought
Canadians united are like no other lot,

The work of “many loving hands” created our Flag
Canadians should show our appreciation, and maybe even brag
Our symbol and Country are so unique and like no other
Fly the flag, give it respect and treat it like your mother

Every Canadian should be proud of how we are seen
Respectful admiration and as symbolic as it has been
The National Flag of Canada, truly a gift to all Canadians

Robert J. Harper
Executive Director
Canadian Flag Education Centre